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How to Fix Hot Water System Problems

You may do numerous things to ensure your hot water system is working properly. Low water pressure, discoloured water, and a broken thermostat are other hot water system issues. You want your hot water system to last you as long as possible. Let's give you some tips on how to do that and repair any current problems.

If You See Discolored Water

Discolored hot water is a concern. This type of water is a sign you need a plumber. Rusty pipes generate brownish water. Flushing pipes fixes discoloured hot water.

Depending on the water's hue, different steps may be needed. You may need a filter or softener. Pipes may need replacing. Pipes in your home can also alter water colour.

Older homes have galvanised iron pipes. Corrosion causes rusty water. This water can discolour clothes and fixtures.

Iron-free water may require a filter. Discolored hot water may need replacing the entire system. Complexity abounds.

Check the water heater for mineral deposits first. Minerals make water sour or metallic. This water is brown. If the tank water is brown, flush it. If the water is still brown, check your water heater.

Water main issues can also create discoloured hot water. Sediment in the main may be causing your street's brownish water. Construction, hydrant use, and line breaks stir up sediment.

Pilot Light Is Out Or Malfunctioning

pilot light on a gas hot water system in Cranbourne

Hot water shortages are annoying. It ruins cleaning and handwashing preparations. If your water heater breaks, call a pro. Relighting the pilot is easy.

If the pilot is working, check the control panel. Usually, the control panel is at the bottom. Gas line lever or knob. It may feature a pilot window.

Check the heater's temperature gauge. Box-shaped surfaces are possible. The gas meter should be nearby. The minimum temperature should be displayed.

A depleted tank causes a pilot light to go out. A bigger problem may need additional work. If so, you may need a plumber's help.

A pilot light can be off for causes besides an emptied tank. The pilot may shut off if the thermocouple is off. The thermocouple switches off the pilot gas if it's not heated. Thermocouple replacement is easy. Under $20.

Ensure the gas is safe to breathe before relighting a pilot. Relighting the pilot should not burn you. If you're doubtful, get a flashlight and help. Replace access panels as needed. This prevents fire escape. When working with gas you need to be careful. You might need to call a gas plumber to help.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

There are a few actions you can do to fix your hot water system's thermostat. Thermostats can cause too-hot or too-cold water, so maintain them working. Common difficulties can be avoided to save money and time.

First, check your water heater's power. If it's not connected, you may get chilly water. Make sure the breaker isn't tripped by cycling the power switch.

Remove thermostat's lid. This will reveal rusted wiring. Possible wiring replacement. Remove each wire with a Phillips screwdriver. After disconnecting wires, tape their insulation.

Finally, check thermostat voltage. Minimum 200-ohm voltage.

Replace your thermostat if not. To securely test your thermostat, you'll need to understand circuits and wiring.

The thermostat should match the house's temperature. If not, call a plumber.

Your home's chilly water is actually warm. The upper heating element is failing. If your thermostat is stuck on, the heating element won't switch off.

Consult an a plumber if you're unsure which thermostat is broken. They'll tell you if it's your thermostat or something else.

Sediment Build-up And Possible Leaks

Sediment Build-up in hot water system

Sediment in your hot water system might be problematic. It causes sedimentation and affects water temperature. It can also make your water heater work harder. This reduces energy efficiency and heating capability. It can make water smell bad.

Sediment can build up in city or well water. The problem isn't usually evident, but turbidity might reveal it. Turbidity shows sediments by indicating dissolved particles in the water.

Sediment buildup makes a water heater ineffective. Sediment can colour and odorize water. Sediment blocks drain valves.

Heaters aren't inexpensive. It's crucial to maintain them working properly. Remove sediment buildup as needed. Sediment problems require a plumber.

Hot water sediment can be cleaned. Cold water flushing is widespread. Flushing maintains the pipes and removes silt.

Vinegar soaks also eliminate sediment. Wait until the water cools to remove sediments.

Water testing is the easiest approach to detect silt. A simple Watercheck test kit reveals all.

Low Water Pressure

Identifying and fixing low hot water pressure is tough. A plumber can help you locate and address the problem.

Clogged water heaters or pipes often cause low water pressure. Sediment might also cause it. Sediment and minerals can clog plumbing lines, leading to more serious issues.

Check to discover if low water pressure is isolated. This narrows down the problem's causes. If the problem is widespread, a plumber should inspect and fix the pipes.

Worn fixtures reduce water pressure. Worn shower heads, faucets, or faucets can reduce water pressure. Replace rusted fixtures.

Low water pressure may be caused by your municipal water source. Rural areas may have subterranean wells. This issue can be costly.

Clogged water intake filters create low water pressure. This filter is attached to water intake lines. Over time, sediment and minerals jam the filters.

Old, rusted pipes produce poor water pressure. Over time, galvanised pipes can corrode. Plastic pipes should be used.


The best way to fix your hot water systems issues is to first review all the points mentioned in this article. If you can't fix the system yourself it might be time to contact a plumbing company that's able to help you. If you need help with your hot water system, contact Plumber Cranbourne for a fast and affordable fix.

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